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Metin 2 UK

To WhiteRaven... Delete this pages too: Shinsoo [not good] and Jinno [not good].


This wil be deleted when the wiki is published.

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The Game

In earlier days the entire continent was united as a single Empire. Its population lived peacefully and in cooperation with the Imperial authority.

But one day a threat rained from the sky, in form of a huge Metin Stone.

The impact of the stone not only changed the geography and climate of the continent, but animals fell under its control. They became killing creatures and were turned through mutation into cruel and ugly monsters. Many people were killed by a deadly disease and returned after their death as gory undead, which now wander over the punished continent.

The resulting chaos caused the dissolution of the former empire and the foundation of three smaller empires at the edges of the continent, which are enemies to this very day. In the center of the continent, where the Metin Stone fell, there now resides the most terrifying of creatures, but there are still smaller Stones falling from the sky.

The horrifying fact is, that the power of the Metin Stone seems to be increasing, as if it first had to regenerate after the impact. This new power has forced the Dragon God to personally appear on the continent to try to halt the Metin Stone's growing mastery of his land.

Become an ally of the Dragon God and defeat the power of the Metin Stone. Stop the destruction of the continent and reunite the it under your leadership!


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